Employee COVID-19 Testing

Employee COVID-19 Testing

Employee COVID-19 Testing

While we keep juggling COVID-19 and hoping the vaccines start bringing us some relief, let ProHealth handle what you shouldn’t have to. We offer 3 types of tests for varying situations at affordable prices. For more information or to set up a testing partnership, request a call below. We currently service areas including, but not limited to, Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton, Milton, Crestview, and Santa Rosa Beach. For more information on employee COVID-19 testing, visit our blog.

What kind of COVID-19 test do I need?


Used for travel.

People who have symptoms of COVID-19.

Travel destinations that require a negative PCR test or people who need a negative PCR to return to work.

People who have been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

  • Results in 3-4 days
  • Nasal Cavity Swab
  • 135


Past COVID infection.

If a person has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and it has been more than 5-7 days.

If a person has COVID-19 symptoms for more than 5-7 days.

People who were sick in the past and want to know if they have COVID-19 antibodies.

  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Finger prick
  • 75


Active COVID.

If a person has come in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in less than 5 days.

A person who is in the early stages of infection- usually within the first five days of symptoms.

Tests after day 5 of the illness are more likely to be negative.

  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Nasal swab
  • 75

Where can I get a COVID-19 test?


*Please note that Pensacola’s Rapid RT-PCR testing is available only at the 6005 College Pkwy. Suite. 2 location. 

6005 College Pkwy. STE. 2
Pensacola, FL 32504
Phone: (850) 549-3379
Hours: M-F 8:00am – 4:00pm Sat 8am- 1pm

3298 Summit Blvd STE. 33
Pensacola, FL 32503
Phone: (850) 434-6168
Hours: M-F 8AM – 4PM
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Fort Walton Beach

*Please note that Fort Walton Beach’s RT-PCR testing is available only at 11 Racetrack Rd. NE Suite D-1. 

224 Eglin Parkway
Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547
Phone: (850) 243-2900
Hours: M-F 8AM – 2PM
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102 Alabama Street Suite B
Crestview, FL 32536
Phone: (850) 689-7592
Hours: M-F 8AM – 2PM


5825 Hwy 90
Milton, FL 32583
Phone:(850) 626-3430
Hours: M-F 8AM – 2PM

Gulf Breeze

1157 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
Phone: (850) 677-0737
Hours: M-F 8AM – 4PM