Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

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This plan, this weight loss program, this new chapter is something ProHealth has been working on and constantly refining for the last few years. With the help of multiple medical providers, a registered dietician, and numerous medical professionals, we bring you the ProHealth Prescription Weight Loss Program. This program has been trusted by dozens to help achieve their weight loss goals. This is more than just a twelve-week program to a healthier weight. This program represents strength, growth, and resilience.

Right here, right now – give yourself permission to step into a new healthy lifestyle, into a new you, into a new evolution.

What's Included?

General Health

Meet with our Medical Practitioner to determine your personalized treatment and/or prescription for your weight loss goal.

Monthly Check-in

Follow-up with us monthly to check-in on your progress and refill medications to ensure you’re meeting your goals.

Vitamin Injections

Enhance your weight loss with injections of Vitamin B12 and Lipotonix at a discounted price while on the program.


After your initial visit, the appropriate weight loss medication will be prescribed and you’ll be monitored appropriately. 

Lab Test

We will be carefully monitoring your health status, and blood work will be required at your initial visit (price included).

Nutrition Guidance

Take the guesswork out of nutrition. We equip you with information from our Registered Dietician.

Weight loss

What to Expect

Over the course of 12 short weeks, we work one-on-one with each of our patients and design an individualized course of action that is safe, effective, achievable and maintainable. This is not about a fast-track diet or a quick fix – this is about living more healthfully and seeing the person you want to see reflected in the mirror. We believe in the importance of being healthy from the inside out, and our weight loss program is specifically designed for that purpose.

Most COMPREHENSIVE and AFFORDABLE local weight loss program.

Our medical professionals have a variety of convenient modern prescription weight loss medications to aid you in achieving your weight loss goals. Patients should see significant weight loss within the 12 week time frame of the program. 

Individualized Programs Include:

Medical Consultations

Initial evaluation and weight loss plan development. Followed by four follow-up office visits.

Detailed Lab Testing

Lab results to help guide our providers toward your best outcome.

Nutritionist Consults

24/7 unlimited nutritionist consults.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Fully bioavailable. Multivitamin, Omega 3, Omega 6, and Probiotic.

Nutrition & Exercise Guidelines

This plan will help you achieve the highest level YOU, but most importantly it will help you recognize the lifestyle changes that are necessary to lose weight and keep it off.

What is Medical Membership?

ProHealth Medical Membership (PMM) is a program with a monthly fee of $45.00 that allows members to receive a discount on medical care and medical services at ProHealth Medical Clinics.

Teladoc 24/7 virtual care access, unlimited visits, $0 copay, free yearly flu vaccine, 25% discount for lab work & procedures, and free monthly vitamin B12 shots.