How To Keep Your Nutrition On Point in 2022

How To Keep Your Nutrition On Point in 2022

New Year’s Day is right around the corner, which means the resolutions and goals are too. Are you ready? If you’re like most of us, setting health and weight-related goals for the new year may have you feeling a bit overwhelmed. In a society filled with temptations and so many examples of what not to do, ProHealth’s 12 Week Prescription Weight Loss Program may be exactly what you need to keep your nutrition on point in 2022!

So how can you nourish your body throughout the new year? We’re sharing tips from the nutrition portion of our program. They are simple, maintainable changes you can start making in your nutrition today to feel lean, energized, healthy, and confident.


Achieving healthy weight requires lifestyle changes which include calorie reduction by decreasing large portion sizes and choosing healthy and nutrient-dense foods. When building a healthy balanced plate, aim to include a lean protein source, high fiber carbohydrate, quality fat, and color coming from vegetables and/or fruit. Did you know that healthy fats and lean protein help keep you feeling full longer?


When you’re on the ProHealth Weight Loss Program, your meal plan is completely customizable! You can mix-and-match your favorite healthy foods to create macronutrient-dense snacks and meals. Our plan has Nutrition Guidelines, so make sure you’re sticking with the guidelines. We designed the plan to make it work for you!


The key to success is planning ahead. Prepare your grocery list and shop for the week ahead. Take the time to prep what you can on the weekends before you get into your busy week (i.e. portion out snacks in small snack bags or pre-slice veggies/fruit). Meal and snack prep is an easy way to set you up for a healthy week and ensure you’re not grabbing processed and sugary options when you’re busy and hungry.


Ditching the processed and artificial food and prioritizing healthy, natural ingredients is the main principle of our nutrition philosophy and the key to seeing major results. Checking nutrition labels is a quick way to ensure we’re eating enough fiber and protein and to nix all that extra “added sugar.”


Want to keep your nutrition on point in 2022? Stay hydrated. Water boosts your metabolism, helps you debloat, gives you energy and makes your skin glow! Get creative with drinking water by adding fruits, veggies, or spices. Never leave home without your water bottle and aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.


Fried food is often fatty, oily, and outright unhealthy. Swapping out our chips, tempura, wontons, and crackers for crunchy veggies, baked cheese crisps, and healthier dips is one of the easiest ways to make a big and effective change in your everyday routine.


Protein is a vital building block for a healthy body, especially when you’re working out. Our Weight Loss Program includes Movement Guidelines to help you incorporate easy, enjoyable, and profitable forms of exercise. And, protein will help your bodies repair and create muscles, which allows your body to burn fat and process essential nutrients. Have a healthy, protein-packed snack after a long walk or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up.

Follow these guidelines consistently and you’re going to feel incredible.

With the help of multiple medical providers, a registered dietician, and numerous medical professionals, the ProHealth 12 Week Weight Loss Program has been trusted by many in Northwest Florida to help achieve their weight loss and health-related goals and maintain them long term.

It’s more than just a 12-week program to a healthier weight. It’s a 12 week push to help you gift yourself a healthier lifestyle altogether. Right here, right now – give yourself permission to step into a new healthy lifestyle, into a new you, into a new evolution. Our 2022 Challenge kicks off this month, so join us here for a $10 OFF coupon and sign up for our weight loss program. Everything you need to start your New Year as a healthier, happier you!